(C57) [Nippon H Manga Kyoukai (Various)] X [English] [Kusanyagi]

Ben and Sarah lay together intertwined, lost in a deep sleep while the digital alarm clock next to the bed glowed a soft red 2:33am! Ben's snoring completely masked the noise of the opening of the front door as a solitary figure padded silently down the long hall, coming directly to the bedroom door! Standing outside the door, and listening intently to discern if anyone was awake, the intruder quietly pushed open the door and crept inside. More Info “Mmmmmm, Benny, she is VERY good at this, I wonder if she hasn't been lying about doing this before, she seems to be an expert!” Ben strained to free himself from the nylon ropes that were holding him in place, but the more he struggled, the tighter they became.

Hentai: (C57) [Nippon H Manga Kyoukai (Various)] X [English] [Kusanyagi]

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(C57) [日本H漫画協会 (よろず)]X[英訳]

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