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could you drop them off tonight on your way home please” my mom gave a faint smile and said “of course i will im sorry it ended up this way” so i left my moms office and went home

at home it was weird not having harvey around telling me off for not talking my shoes off and small things like that anyway i went into the kitchen and looked at the tablets the doctor had given me and thought to my self that would be a easy way out i unpoped 8 of them and lined them up i took one and then picked up a second and thought to my self should i do it and i really thought about it for a good 20 minutes before i binned the remaining 7 tablets and sat in the living room a few hours later i heard a key go into the lock of my apartment door so i went to go see who it was my mom was coming thought the door and said “i kept a copy i hope you dont mind” “its not a problem mom” she handed me the papers i asked her for and exsplained them to me and where we both need to sign so me and my mom had a hot drink and talk about everything and when she left i called harvey on my cell and said “come over to the apartment we need to talk about something” “okay im on my way i will be about half an hour” this half an hour was the longest 30 minutes of my life i kept thinking what is he going to say how is he going to react

when harvey arrived he came though the door and said “hey” i said “hey come and have a seat” so harvey sat down and i put the papers infront of him i said “these are devorce papers i have already signed them. is there anything i can help with?” “no thank you i just need to speak to my mom” so helen said “okay darling ive got to go bye” and i said “bye” back and waited for my mom to finish with her client when she walked out her office she shock the clients hand and waved him off then she turned to face me and said “hello son what are you doing here” “can we talk in your office?” “sure but it will have to be quick im repasenting in a hour” so we walked into her office and i said “i would like you to draw up some devorce papers please” my mom looked taken back and said “are you sure this is the way you want to go leon?” “yes im sure.

Hentai: (THE VOC@LOiD M@STER14) [Caramellize! (Yuzuru)] Silent Voice (Vocaloid) [English] [Otokonoko Scans]

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(THE VOC@LOiD M@STER14) [キャラメリーゼ! (弓弦)]サイレントボイス(VOCALOID) [英訳]

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