Cream Pie HYÔIDE! Okawari Swallowing

Her eyes like obsidian,
With a mouth of coral red,
Her hair; a black thunder cloud,
Looms about her lordly head. Her lips are poised and ready
To smite silence with her song;
A thundering slow discord
That will put to flight the throng.

Hentai: [Taniguchi-san] HYÔIDE! Okawari (COMIC Unreal 2013-10 Vol. 45) [English] [Corivas]

HYÔIDE! Okawari 1HYÔIDE! Okawari 2HYÔIDE! Okawari 3HYÔIDE! Okawari 4HYÔIDE! Okawari 5HYÔIDE! Okawari 6HYÔIDE! Okawari 7HYÔIDE! Okawari 8HYÔIDE! Okawari 9HYÔIDE! Okawari 10HYÔIDE! Okawari 11HYÔIDE! Okawari 12HYÔIDE! Okawari 13

[谷口さん]ひょういで!おかわり(コミックアンリアル 2013年10月号 Vol.45) [英訳]

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