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I say 'usually' because, in Amsterdam, my favorite layover city because of its liberal attitudes on sex, I have a helpful friend that has made special arrangements for me outside my hotel, the most daring being working a 'picture window' in the De Wallen section of the Red Light District on Saturday nights which works well for me because I can only hold the trip on weekends anyway. Watch more I pretended I didn't see them but made little side glances and they seemed very interested so I daringly took off my bottoms.

Hentai: [Chameleon Can-D (Hankijin, Harimura Jouji)] Another (Durarara!!) [English] =7BA=

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[カメレオンキャンデー (半亀人 , 針村城司)]ANOTHER(デュラララ!!) [英訳]

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